Morocco is characterized by the variety of natural materials produced in its land, the most famous of which are used in cosmetics, natural care, and healthy food. These products were promoted in a way that made them gain international fame, which made the largest international companies adopt them as basic materials in the manufacture of their products.

We are an organization that provides all the products of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through our branch in the Kingdom of Morocco, Agadir, specifically.

From Morocco to your door for all requests

Our prices guarantee you that they are competitive prices and high quality.

All our products are 100% natural and new, not stored, and we bear the responsibility and trust of that credibility. We bring them from all over Morocco and from well-known and guaranteed sources, whether they are oils or grains. We squeeze them like argan oil + prickly pear oil in our mills and under our eyes and from the farms of Beni Mellal, Kalaat Sraghna and Meknes For olive oil. We also grind and knead almonds and mix them with argan oil to make the famous and delicious butter from Moroccan almonds (amlou). We provide honey from the mountains and countryside of Morocco from 100% natural honey, on the condition that the bees not feed on sugar or the like, and with each type we will mention the source of honey And bee food.. We provide body mixes and face masks.

There will always be something new